Rules of competition

3rd International Classical Guitar Competition “Ehat Musa“
29. 06. – 02. 07. 2017

Rules of competition
1. Peja International Guitar Festival is organizing the 3rd International Competitions for Classical Guitar “Ehat Musa”, which will be held from 29 June to 02 July 2017.
2. In international youth competitions guitarists can participate regardless of nationality or gender.
3. Competitions are divided into 5 categories and mini categories – younger guitarists.

• Mini Category – 9 years and younger (birth year 2008 and younger)
Program: Free up to 5 minutes.

• Category I – 11 years and younger (birth year 2006 and younger)
Program: free 5 -7 minutes.

• Category II – 14 years and younger (birth year 2003 and younger)
Program: free 8-10 minutes.

• Category III – 17 years and younger (birth year 2000 and younger)
Program: free 12-15 minutes.

• Category IV – 20 years and younger (birth year 1997 and younger)
Program: free 17-20 minutes.

• Category V – without age limit
Stage (round) I – free program 12-15 minutes
Stage (round) II – free program 17-20 minutes (final)

Contestants of categories II – IV in their programs should have least one work by various stylistic periods. In the V-th category this regulation applies only to the first step.

In the V-th category works played in the first round are not allowed to be repeated in the second round (final).

4. The program is played by heart and repetitions are not necessary.
5. Members of the jury listen to the whole program. If the competitor exceeds the prescribed time, the jury has the right to interrupt the execution by the contestant.
6. Mini category has no competitive character and there isn’t list of awards; all contestants earn degree of participation and one of them selected by a jury will participate in the final concert.
7. The order of presentation of the contestants in all categories will be based on the alphabetical order (first letter of the name) and will start with the letter which will be determined by the withdrawal.
8. Members of the jury are not entitled to vote for participants in the competition who are their pupils or students or have family closeness.
9. The winner of category has no right to race in the same category.
10. The jury’s decisions are indisputable.
11. The Festival reserves the right of audio / TV recording of competitions and broadcast of these materials without being forced to get the permission of performers.
12. During the competitions jury members give rewards according to points:

I Reward – from 95.00 – 100 points
II Reward – from 90.00 – 94.99 points
III Reward – from 85.00 – 89.99 points
Diploma – 00.00 – 84,99 points

13. Results will be published after finishing each category. Competitors earn certificates for I, II and III reward, while others earn certificate for participation.
14. Rewards for the winners in categories will be delivered in the final concert.
15. Rewarded contestants are obliged to participate in the distribution of rewards in the final concert and play the work chosen by the jury–otherwise lose the right of reward.
16. In case that several competitors have the same scores, then sequential list will be decided by jury members.
17. Payment for participation in the contests is as follows:

Mini category – 30 €
Category I, II, III and IV – 40 €
Category V – 60 €

Time of the Application 10 May – 15 June 2017

18. Application can be done on the web site, on columns: Ehat Musa guitar competitions.
19. The application will be valid only after completion of the payment for participation.
20. The payment can be done as well at the competition info-desk two hours before the start of the competitor’s category.
21. Payment of quota:

Name and surname of the participant
In the description should be written “Ehat Musa”
Raiffeisen BANK
Prishtina, Kosovo
Account: XK05 1501001014015331

• A copy of the scanned voucher you must send to the e-mail add: latest until 15 June 2017.
• We urge you to mention the name of the participant in the payment even if the payment will be carried out by the parent or other authorized person.

Category I

First prize – 100 € + D’Addario Large Gift Bag
Second prize – D’Addario Small Gift Bag
Third prize – D’Addario Small Gift Bag

Category II

First prize – 150 € + D’Addario Large Gift Bag
Second prize – D’Addario Small Gift Bag
Third prize – D’Addario Small Gift Bag

Category III

First prize – 200 € + D’Addario Large Gift Bag
Second prize – D’Addario Small Gift Bag
Third prize – D’Addario Small Gift Bag

Category IV

First prize – 300 € + guitar in the value of 3000 euros from Lukas Milani + D’Addario Large Gift Bag
Second prize – D’Addario Small Gift Bag
Third prize – D’Addario Small Gift Bag

Category V

First prize – 1000 € + guitar in the value of 7000 euros from the luthier Giannis Paleodimopoulos + D’Addario Large Gift Bag + Concert at Peja International Guitar Festival 2017
Second prize – 300 € + D’Addario Small Gift Bag
Third prize – 200 + D’Addario Small Gift Bag

Special rewards from sponsors:

– Zagreb Guitar Fest
– Porecki tirando
– International Guitar Summer School – Poreč