Dear music lovers

From 25-28 June 2015 Peja International Guitar Festival 2015 will be held  for the first time. Within its activities will be held The first International Classical Guitar Competition “Ehat Musa“.

Organizers of the event are the Municipality of Peja and Kosova Guitar Society – with the support of Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of the Republic of Kosova. In the festival, besides others, plays world famous guitarist of the new generation, Lukasz Kuropaczewski from Poland, Italian guitarist Marco Feri, with brazilian music repertoire, and the opening of the festival will be attended by famous Croatian Ensemble of Zagreb Soloists and noted Kosovan guitarist Petrit Ceku.

By all connoisseurs of cultural and artistic heritage, it is known that in the city of Peja musical art is cultivated, especially playing the guitar (popular, entertaining and classical), as heritage of family education in particular as the need of expression of  deeper emotions to follow the “beauty” of music art and at the same time raising the qulity of living . It is interesting that in the town with the musical tradition at the time when there was no school of music, the art research in the field of classical guitar, launched several artist at the top of the regional and  world guitar scene.

Example of this is the career and international success of Albanian prominent guitarist Ehat Musa, who lives and works in Paris. In the field of guitar pedagogy lecturer Xhevdet Sahatxhija from Peja, has contributed greatly to the education of young Kosovan guitarists by  opening guitar department at the Faculty of Arts in Pristina, which is known in this region of Europe.
We live in a time when music festivals comprise  cultural part of towns that care for cultural and artistic level. With great pleasure we can say that we fulfill all the criteria and that it is high time to arrange in Peja a guitar festival with international reputation as a destination of regional guitarists and  at the same time offer to citizens of Peja and the State of Kosova an extraordinary and memorable musical content.

Ehat Musa (Kosovo, France)
Lukasz Kuropaczewski (Poland)
Petrit Ceku (Kosovo, Croatia)
Marko Feri (Italy)
Stefan Schmidt (Germany)
Xhevdet Sahatxhija (Kosovo, Croatia)
Admir Doci (Albania)
Darko Bageski (Macedonia)
Genc Qivlaku (Croatia)
Elvis & Gjulian Guitar Duo (Kosovo)